Blogger : How to Increase Traffic by Changing Page Title

Page Titles are very important in page ranking, but are also used by users as one of the primary information to determine, if they are interested in a page or not.

One of the things that you might have noticed with Blogger is that by default, every Page Title will also contain a Blog Title . Other blogging services like WordPress seems to have the same issue.

If you do not want Blog Title to appear in a Page Title, modification of the blog template is required.

Few tips you should consider when writing page title

You want them:

  • to accurately describe the content of your page
  • to have specific words related to the content of your page and not use general words like Home or Products
  • to be long at most 70 characters as text after that will not be shown on search engine result pages
  • not to contain same keywords or phrases multiple times
  • to be different on every page.
  • to include important keywords, that might be typed by users when they use search engine
  • not to be spammed with keywords that do not relate to the content of the page which would make your title harder to understand.

By default, this post would have the following title containing both Blog Title and Page Title:

How-toSolutions.NET: Blogger : How to Increase Traffic by Changing Page Title

For me titles of pages containing title like above example seems unnecessary unless it is a Home Page or page with no defined title.
It would be good SEO practice to try to improve the above title and we do that by modify the Template Code.

Note:Always create a backup of a template before you start any modification!! How to do a backup in a Blogger is covered HERE.

Steps how you can achieve that in Blogger

  1. In Dashboard go to Design > Template
  2. Click on Backup / Restore button to backup your template on your computer just to be on the safe side
  3. Under Live on Blog click on Edit Html
  4. You will get a warning window saying that directly editing HTML may affect the way some features,…Click on Proceed
  5. Find the following line in the code ( it should be located in the beginning of the code) and remove it

  6. Add this code in its place

  7. Click on Save Template and you are done

If you are getting TEMPLATE ERROR in the title, check that you have white space after ==

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