Facebook : How to like pages if Like button is missing or not working

Facebook Like button is a feature that allows users to share their interest on Facebook by liking content such as websites, articles and products. As I created a Facebook Page for this blog, I wanted to like some other blogs with a similar niche.

But after clicking on the Like button on their web pages, the damn thing didn’t want to stick and always reverted back as it was never clicked. When visiting their Facebook Page to try to like it that way, Like button was missing, nowhere to be found.

In this article I will describe how I managed to partly solve this issue.

I was new to Facebook since I never used it before, so I was baffled why I’m having issues with such a simple task as liking a web page.

One proof that my likes have never registered was that I was not able to add Featured Likes section located at Edit Page > Update Info > Featured.
Option for that was disabled as shown below.

Disabled Likes Option

So what is the cause of this issue?

It seems the main cause of this problem occurs when your Business Page is not linked with a Personal Account.

As I already mentioned I never used Facebook before. When creating Facebook Page for this blog, I did not use regular Sign Up on Facebook Home Page but instead clicked “Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business.” link below the Sign Up button, so I never created Personal Facebook Account.

How to solve it

If you also created a Page without having a Personal Profile on Facebook and have the same issue with liking, go through the following steps:

  1. Create Personal Profile on Facebook. You will have to use different email than the one you used for a Page.
  2. Login to Business Page and go to Edit Page > Update Info
  3. Select Your Settings tab and make sure Posting Preferences: is checked
    Note:Under that check box you should have the following message “Note: You’re currently using Facebook as .“. When Business Page is linked to Personal Page, name for personal account appears after as , but since there is no Personal Account linked to it yet, no name is displayed. If you see a name, your Business Page is already linked to Personal Page.
  4. Select Admin Roles tab (still under Edit Page > Update Info )
  5. Add a Page Admin. Here you Add your Personal Account created earlier to be Admin as Manager
  6. Logout from Business Page and Login to your newly created  Personal Profile
  7. Click on ▼at the top of the page and under “Use Facebook as:”  choose your Business Page
    Facebook Top Navigation Bar

Now you will be able to post, comment, and like as your Page.

Doing all above I can now like Facebook Pages from Facebook but still unable to like them from websites since both Like box and Like button demand that I switch back to personal account with the following image:

Switch Image instead of Like Button
Note:Liking a Facebook Page when logged in as Business Page will not increase number of Total Likes to that Facebook Page.

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