WordPress : How to fix “No working transports found” error in EasyPHP

Recently, I installed an EasyPHP devserver on my local machine running Win10 to work on a WordPress theme. The WordPress site was mostly working without a problem except in a dashboard section of the site, where it was having some issues with updating. When I tried to update plugins to a newer version, the update failed, giving me, there were “no working transports found” message. Fortunately, the fix is simple.

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WordPress : How to display only the most popular tags in a tag cloud

In my previous article about WordPress tag cloud widget, I showed you how you can display a count number for each tag. But what if you want to limit tags that are shown by displaying only the most popular tags and hide those with low count values. The tag cloud in WordPress doesn’t have the parameter for that behavior, but by using another parameter, we can achieve the same result. In this article, we will add the code that will show only those tags in the tag cloud, that have count parameter value of 3 or more.

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WordPress : How to show tag count number of posts for Tag Cloud

Recently I modified a style of my tag cloud widget in a way, so it is less of a “cloud” and more of a list of tags with each tag in its own lines. With so much empty space on the right side of the tag, I wanted to add additional information to the visitors besides the name by showing tag’s count number of posts. I expected that the parameter for this behavior would already exist, but it turned out it doesn’t after looking at wp_tag_cloud function, which lists all parameters. Luckily, there is a filter available which we can use to make this work and is the topic of this article.

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WordPress : How to solve missing Admin Bar / Toolbar at the top of the page

If you were making changes to the WordPress site theme and the admin bar (also known as a toolbar) on a live site disappeared, you are not alone. This happened to me too. I noticed that the admin bar at the top of the page was missing on the front end after making some updates on my theme. The admin panel was still accessible through /wp-admin/ path and inside the dashboard, the admin bar was not broken. In this post I will show you why this happens and how to bring it back.

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WordPress : How to modify parameters of default Tag Cloud Widget

Tag Cloud Widget gives visitors ability to browse different topics based on tags on your site. Recently I wanted to customize it a little for this site and assumed the widget itself would give you these settings, but you can only edit the most basic parameters. Instead of widgets, we can display the tag using WordPress function wp_tag_cloud in the template, which supports more parameters. But what if we want to use existing cloud tag widget? Luckily, there is a filter available that allows you to do that and is the topic of this article.

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qTranslate-X : How to make alt tag attribute of featured image change language

When you need a free plugin that would make your WordPress site multilingual, qTranslate-X is a way to go. It works great, but you might encounter a problem when trying to have multiple language support for attributes of Featured Image also known as Post Thumbnails. If you try to insert qTranslate language tags in Title, Description, Caption, and most importantly Alternative Text, you might notice that nothing gets translated when the_post_thumbnail() is called.

This article will show you how to make those fields multilingual.

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Crayon-Syntax-Highlighter : How to hide / remove line numbers

Crayon Syntax Highlighter is a very popular highlight code plugin for WordPress. I use it for highlighting my code on this site. Recently, when writing a new article, I wanted to add highlighted code without line numbers and noticed, that unchecking the option “Display line numbers by default” to hide line numbers didn’t work at all. Fortunately, there is a workaround which is the topic of this article.

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