Visual Studio : How to fix missing ASP.NET template for .NET Framework

Visual Studio 2022 - missing ASP.NET .NET framework template

Yesterday, I installed the Visual Studio 2022 Community edition and noticed it was missing ASP.NET template for .NET Framework. I was not able to create either ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET Web Forms web project. I was only able to find the ASP.NET Core related templates. This article will show how I was able to solve the problem.

In the "Create new project" window, I searched for "framework" keyword to list only the .NET Framework related templates and it showed me the ones for Windows Forms, WPF, console, and Class Library, but there was no ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework) template.

Visual Studio 2022 - List of framework templates with missing ASP.NET .NET Framework template

I decided to check the installed components for the "ASP.NET and web development" workload. To do that, we need to run the Visual Studio installer.

Checking the Visual Studio installer

If we scroll all the way to the bottom of the list of available templates, we can click on the "Install more tools and features" link, which will open the Visual Studio Installer.

Visual Studio 2022 - install more tools and features link at the bottom of the list of templates

Looking at the installed components of the ASP.NET and web development workload I didn't see anything that might indicate a reason for the missing ASP.NET template since I could see that the .NET Framework was already installed.

But then, I checked the "Individual components" tab of the Visual Studio Installer.

Individual components for .NET

Inside the .NET group, below the ".NET Framework 4.8 targeting pack", there is a component named ".NET Framework project and item templates" and this component was not selected.

Visual Studio 2022 Installer - individual components .in NET group

Hovering over the component, the tooltip describes it as:

Enables .NET Framework project templates, item templates & related features for .NET Framework development.

This component looked like exactly what could solve the problem, so I selected and installed it.

Installing .NET Framework project and item templates added 1.6GB of space required, which might be the reason for not being included by default in the first place during the Visual Studio 2022 install.

ASP.NET .NET Framework template not missing anymore

After installation, I launched Visual Studio 2022 and again searched for the "framework" keyword in the search box and this time the ASP.NET Web Application for the .NET Framework template was finally listed.

Visual Studio 2022 - List of framework templates with ASP.NET .NET Framework template available

Note: Installing .NET Framework project and item templates component also adds another .NET framework related template, for "Web Driver Test for Edge" project.


When we install Visual Studio, not all project templates might be listed. In my case, it was missing the ASP.NET template for .NET Framework. Luckily, this was easily solved by modifying the Visual Studio installation and installing the missing ".NET Framework project and item templates" component.


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