All about the flutter create --sample=id argument

When we create a new app project, we get by default a simple counter app. That is all nice and great, but what if we want to see examples of other various widgets in action? This is where the --sample argument for the flutter create command-line comes into play. When using the flutter create --sample=id command, we need to give it an id value and in this article, we will learn what those valid id values are.

All about "flutter create" command for creating projects

To interact with Flutter, we use the flutter command-line tool. We can give it quite a few commands, but the focus will be on the flutter create command. First, we will learn how to use it to create new Flutter projects, then we will go through the list of the command line arguments available for the create command with additional information provided for some of the arguments.

Windows : Fixing PHP cURL extension not working when enabled

The other day I wanted to install a WordPress plugin on a website hosted on my Windows local development machine, but the plugin complained that it needs the cURL extension enabled on the php.ini configuration file. This seemed like an easy problem to solve, but after modifying the php.ini file, I was still getting the "curl not found" error. This article will show two different ways to make the cURL extension work on the Windows system.