Golang: How to install Go on Ubuntu Server

Recently I wanted to try a project on my Ubuntu server, but it was built with Golang language, so I had to install Go on my server to get started. In this post, we will first download the latest release, install Go, and finally verify if it was installed successfully.

GTmetrix: How to test website speed without ads

GTmetrix is a free online website performance testing tool. We can use this tool to identify and fix issues with our websites like page load speed and web page size. But, what if we have ads on our website from Google AdSense or Ezoic and we want to test the speed and performance of the website without the ads? In this post, we will show you how to do this without turning off the ads on the website itself.

How to create a simple web page that uses JavaScript

When trying to learn or improve JavaScript skills as a web developer, it's a good idea to start with the fundamentals before moving on to more complex frameworks and libraries like Reach or Vue. In this post, we will create a simple web page in which the user enters their name into an input field and the page greets the user after clicking on submit button.

How to delete or remove Blogger Navbar (Navigation Bar)

When we create a blog in Blogger, we can select from a variety of templates. Some of them will have the NavBar widget, which is a small navigation bar that appears at the top of the blog page. In this post, we will learn how to remove the Blogger Navbar from the website.

All about Firefox & Chrome "Save Link as" shortcut

Recently I had to save a large number of links containing images from a website and clicking on each link that opened the image in the new tab and saving it took too much time, so I was wondering if there is a better and faster alternative to it. In both Chrome & Firefox, we have the "Save Link as" option in the context menu which makes it a bit faster, but there is also a keyboard shortcut available for it that really speeds up the task.

Windows : Fixing PHP cURL extension not working when enabled

The other day I wanted to install a WordPress plugin on a website hosted on my Windows local development machine. Still, the plugin complained that it needs the cURL extension enabled on the php.ini configuration file. This seemed like an easy problem to solve, but after modifying the php.ini file, I was still getting the "curl not found" error. This article will show two different ways to make the cURL extension work on the Windows system.