How to Install Python on Windows - A Step-by-Step Guide

In this article, we'll install Python on Windows step-by-step. First, we'll examine what is included in the installer, then we will install it using default settings and after it is done, we are going to test if the installation was successful. Finally, we'll end the tutorial by making a simple hello-world Python program.

How to install Rust for Windows - A step by step guide

Rust is a general-purpose, somewhat new language, similar to C++ that compiles to a machine code. In this tutorial, we will first install Rust on the Windows system, then check to see if the installation was successful. Finally, we are going to create a hello world app using both the rustc command and cargo package manager.

VS Code: How to install Visual Studio Code on Windows

Visual Studio Code or VS Code for short is a very popular, free, and open-sourced code editor. This post will walk you through the process of installing VS Code on Windows System. We'll also quickly talk about creating projects that will be used in Visual Studio Code.

Flutter: Create empty project with hello world app

When using the flutter create command to create a new Flutter app project, a counter app project is built by default. Instead of deleting the unwanted pieces of code every time I create a new project I wondered whether there was a way to start with a more simple, empty project. To begin, we will first create a simplified version of the Counter App project and from there change it into a generic "hello world" app.

How to install WordPress, PHP, Apache & MySQL on Windows

When developing for WordPress locally on Windows, we need to have Apache, PHP and MySQL installed. There are web development environments available such as EasyPHP or WampServer, but I always prefer to install them manually. The experience you gain from it becomes useful when you encounter a problem with either PHP, Apache, or MySQL database as you will have a better idea where to look for the issues.

WinForms : How to create a Windows Forms Project in Visual Studio

This article is intended for beginners and will demonstrate how to create a Windows Forms / WinForms project using Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition, which is a free version of Visual Studio. The WinForms application created by Visual Studio will contain only a main form with no controls. Then in the future article, we will make this application a bit more interesting and useful.