How to create a JavaScript project in Visual Studio

Knowing JavaScript is more or less required when working with front-end web development. One way to learn JavaScript is to start with a simple web project containing an HTML page that uses JavaScript. So, the next question is which IDE or editor to use. In this post, we will create a JavaScript project in Visual Studio IDE. It supports JavaScript IntelliSense with auto-complete suggestions and debugging capabilities.

Visual Studio: How to fix missing blank solution template

Visual Studio allows us to create a blank solution when creating a new project. But it seems that for some users, the blank solution is missing from the list of templates. In this tutorial, we are going to learn two different solutions to this problem. First, we will manually create a .sln solution file, and in the other solution, we will install a component using Visual Studio Installer.

MonoGame: Fixing type or namespace name 'Xna' does not exist error

I wanted to play around with game development the other day, so I looked around for a decent .NET Game Framework and decided to go with the MonoGame framework. After installing it, I used the MonoGame OpenGL template to create a project in Visual Studio. Unfortunately, the build failed with the "The type or namespace name 'Xna' does not exist" error, but fortunately, the solution was straightforward and is the focus of this post.

ASP.NET MVC : Installing AdminLTE dashboard to replace Bootstrap template

When creating a new ASP.NET MVC project in Visual Studio, the project will use a Bootstrap front-end framework by default. But there are more sophisticated templates with extended functionality available. One of them is AdminLTE, a dashboard & control panel theme also built on top of the Bootstrap. This article will show you how to replace the default Bootstrap framework with the AdminLTE template in an ASP.NET MVC project for the .NET framework.

Visual Studio: How to create Blank or Empty Solution

When starting a project with a solution that will contain multiple projects, it may be best to begin with entirely empty solution and then add new or existing projects to that blank solution. We are going to demonstrate how to do that using Visual Studio 2022. We will also briefly touch on the problem when the blank solution is missing.

Visual Studio : Using Publish tool on the ASP.NET Core Web App Project

After we create the ASP.NET Core application in Visual Studio, we can use the Visual Studio Publish Tool to create binaries and other set of files that are nedeed to deploy and run our app. The tool supports different publishing methods, such as folder and FTP among others. In this article, we are going to show how to publish ASP.NET Core 3.1 Web App binaries to a local folder.