Create almost empty Flutter project with "hello world" App:

By default, when creating a new Flutter app project with the flutter create command, a counter app project will get generated. Instead of deleting the unwanted pieces of code every time I create a new project I wondered if there was a way to create an even more basic, more empty project. First, we are going to create a simpler version of the Counter App project and from there transform it into a generic "hello world" app.

Exploring samples of flutter create --sample=id argument:

When we create a new app project, we get by default a simple counter app. That is all nice and great, but what if we want to see examples of other various widgets in action? This is where the --sample argument for the flutter create command-line comes into play. When using the flutter create --sample=id command, we need to give it an id value and in this article, we will learn what those valid id values are.

All about "flutter create" command for creating projects:

To interact with Flutter, we use the flutter command-line tool. We can give it quite a few commands, but the focus will be on the flutter create command. First, we will learn how to use it to create new Flutter projects, then we will go through the list of the command line arguments available for the create command with additional information provided for some of the arguments.