WordPress : Adding multiple users with same email

Recently I needed a way to add multiple users with a Contributor role on a WordPress website. The added user would not have WordPress login access and would only be used to identify which articles they contributed to the website. The problem was that to add a user in WordPress, you need to also provide a unique email address not yet used by another user as duplicate emails are not allowed in WordPress.

This article will show how to add multiple users using the identical Gmail address without adding any code or using a plugin.

All about Firefox & Chrome "Save Link as" shortcut

Recently I had to save a large number of links containing images from a website and clicking on each link that opened the image in the new tab and saving it took too much time, so I was wondering if there is a better and faster alternative to it. In both Chrome & Firefox, we have the "Save Link as" option in the context menu which makes it a bit faster, but there is also a keyboard shortcut available for it that really speeds up the task.

ASP.NET MVC : Installing AdminLTE dashboard to replace Bootstrap template

When creating a new ASP.NET MVC project in Visual Studio, the project will use a Bootstrap front-end framework by default. But there are more sophisticated templates with extended functionality available. One of them is AdminLTE, a dashboard & control panel theme also built on top of the Bootstrap. This article will show you how to replace the default Bootstrap framework with the AdminLTE template in an ASP.NET MVC project for the .NET framework.

Flutter: Create empty project with hello world app

When using the flutter create command to create a new Flutter app project, a counter app project is built by default. Instead of deleting the unwanted pieces of code every time I create a new project I wondered whether there was a way to start with a more simple, empty project. To begin, we will first create a simplified version of the Counter App project and from there change it into a generic "hello world" app.

Guide to Flutter samples from CLI create command

When we create a new app project, we are given a simple counting app by default. That is all well and good, but what if we want to see examples of other various widgets in action? This is where the --sample argument for the flutter create command-line comes into play. the --sample argument requires a valid id value and in this article, we will learn what those valid id values are and how to choose them in this article.

Guide to "flutter create" command for creating projects

To interact with Flutter, we use the flutter command-line tool. We can give it a variety of commands, but the focus will be on the flutter create command. First, we'll go over how to use it to create new Flutter projects and then we'll go through the list of the command line arguments available for the create command with additional information provided for some of them.

Visual Studio: How to create Blank or Empty Solution

When starting a project with a solution that will contain multiple projects, it may be best to begin with entirely empty solution and then add new or existing projects to that blank solution. We are going to demonstrate how to do that using Visual Studio 2022. We will also briefly touch on the problem when the blank solution is missing.