How to fix VS Code Canvas IntelliSense problem

When working on JavaScript files that use HTML Canvas Context in either VS Code editor or Visual Studio IDE, we might notice that IntelliSense is not able to provide us with the AutoComplete suggestions for the "Canvas Context" type. In this post, we are going to learn two solutions to this problem.

How to delete or remove Blogger Navbar (Navigation Bar)

When we create a blog in Blogger, we can select from a variety of templates. Some of them will have the NavBar widget, which is a small navigation bar that appears at the top of the blog page. In this post, we will learn how to remove the Blogger Navbar from the website.

WordPress: Exclude category from single.php without WP_Query

I was working on a WordPress website the other day when a new category was added and those posts required a more customized single.php template, so they had to be excluded from the WordPress loop in the default single.php template. I wanted to achieve this without having to deal with custom post types or using WP_Query(), which is the focus of this tutorial.

Create particle effect with Rust WASM & HTML Canvas

The previous post was a step-by-step tutorial on how to use wasm using Rust and run it in a browser. We built a simple web page with only an input field and a button. In this post, we will make something more interesting by creating a particle system in which 1000 randomly colored particles move in random directions at varying speeds. We will draw particles on HTML Canvas with all the logic done using the Rust wasm module.

Simple tutorial to run Wasm Rust module in a browser

Recently I was experimenting with WebAssembly, a binary format that can be executed in JavaScript environments, such as browsers. It was a lot of fun and I want to share how to create a simple web page that is using wasm module written in Rust language. We will use wasm-bindgen-cli tool to generate .js files and then create a web page that uses the wasm module and test what we created in the browser.

Visual Studio: How to fix missing blank solution template

Visual Studio allows us to create a blank solution when creating a new project. But it seems that for some users, the blank solution is missing from the list of templates. In this tutorial, we are going to learn two different solutions to this problem. First, we will manually create a .sln solution file, and in the other solution, we will install a component using Visual Studio Installer.