Facebook : How to find missing Report button on cover photo?

Facebook missing report option article

The other day I had to report a fake page on Facebook. Since I have never done it before I checked the Facebook help page regarding this issue and the help page said I have to click “…” button on a cover photo and then select Report. The problem was I couldn’t find that Report button or link anywhere. In this post I will show you how I managed to fix it.

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VS : How to create an Empty Solution in Visual Studio Express 2013


Do you want to create a blank solution in your VS Express but can’t find it? I had this issue as well. I mostly code stuff for my personal needs so I never gave much thought on making the code more readable and organized, but on my last WinForms project I wanted to give more attention on how the project is structured. It seemed to me that the best way to achieve that was to start with an empty solution and then add necessary projects to that solution. I had trouble finding this option in Visual Studio, so I decided to write a post about it in case there are others with the same issue.

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SQL : How to solve Northwind Database Install Error in SQL Server 2012


Recently I was going through a database programming tutorial that used Northwind Database in code examples, so I thought “No problem, I’ll quickly add that database to my SQL Server 2012″. I assumed this would be easy but to my surprise that wasn’t the case.

In this post I will show you what problems I encountered while trying to install Northwind database and how I finally managed to make it work.

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Local Area Network : How to fix slow LAN transfer speed of files in Windows 7


Recently I had to solve a problem of a very slow transfer of files between two computers on a LAN network using Ethernet cable. Both machines had Windows 7 x64 installed and the transfer speed was ridiculously slow at 10-15kb/s. Using Task Manager under Networking tab, Network Utilization was showing only around 0.25% for Local Area Connection.

I looked around the web for solutions and found quite a few suggestions how to tackle this problem. Those that I tried and the one that finally solved my problem are discussed here.

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Beginner’s Guide : Understanding and exploring Visual Studio Environment


When developing .NET applications either for Desktop or Web applications, you will most likely use one of the Visual Studio Editions. As such you need to be familiar with Visual Studio IDE (integrated development environment) and in this article we will examine Visual Studio Environment most important sections:

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DotNet : How to solve NUnit Error – Unable to find test in assembly


The other day I wanted to learn something new so I decided to try a little Unit Testing using Microsoft .NET. After looking at different Unit Testing Frameworks I chose to use NUnit Framework. I then tried an example found on the web and after the project was built, I loaded NUnit GUI and opened unit test assembly, but to my surprise, the NUnit GUI was giving me Error message. It was telling me that the Test load failed with detailed error: SystemApplicationException: Unable to find test in the assembly.

In the end I found three different ways to make NUnit work and each one will be shown in this article.

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WordPress-qTranslate : How to make alt tag attribute of featured image change language

When you need Free plugin that would make your WordPress site multilingual, qTranslate is a way to go. It works great, but I encountered a problem recently when I wanted to have multiple languages in attributes of Featured Image previously known as Post Thumbnails. I tried to insert qTranslate language tags in Title, Description, Caption, and most importantly Alternative Text but unfortunately nothing got translated when the_post_thumbnail() was called.

In this article you will learn how to make those fields multilingual.

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